Départ de Mgr Dennis Drainville

6 août 2015. L'évêque anglican de Québec, Mgr Dennis Drainville, a annoncé hier qu'il quitterait ses fonctions épiscopales. Le Comité Exécutif Diocésain a accueilli sa décision et convoqué la tenue d'un synode électoral afin d'élire un évêque co-adjuteur qui aura droit de succession, devenant le 13e évêque anglican de Québec.

At a special Diocesan Executive Council (DEC) meeting held Wednesday Bishop Drainville requested approval to hold an electoral synod for a coadjutor bishop as part of the already scheduled for November 26 – 29 2015. A coadjutor bishop has the right of succession and will automatically become the thirteenth Lord Bishop of Quebec when Bishop Drainville retires. In making the proposal Bishop Dennis remarked that his first seven years were demanding, stressful as he helped the diocese through some challenging times and that after ten years of leadership, he feels it is time for new gifts, abilities and leadership.

The DEC approved the proposal and elected a six member selection committee to oversee the nomination process. The lay members are Ruth Sheeran, Stephen Kohner and Dale Keats. The clerics are Garth Bulmer, Wendy Telfer and Edward Simonton. In response to a question Bishop Dennis set out a timeline for the new bishop: the election in November; ordination as a coadjutor bishop in March of 2016; begin to work in the diocese as coadjutor bishop the last week of April and Bishop Drainville will retire December 1 2016.